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the internet feel good


The new EP from The Internet is on some laid-back, chill vibe.  Feel Good is the 2nd release from the Odd Future affiliates Syd The Kyd and Matt Martians.  Now, don’t let the connection to the wild, shock-provoking collective confuse or deter you.  The Internet’s sound is on a completely different chart than their controversial counterparts.  R&B infused with house and jazz, live instrumentation and airy vocals makes this just the album to produce feelings of pure goodness.  Not to mention appearances from Yuna and Jesse Boykins III.  How can that not make you feel good?? Stream the album below for a limited time and cop it at iTunes!

This is one of my favorite songs of the year.  Yuna’s lovely voice and affirming lyrics over a Pharrell beat is heavenly.  Throw Theophilus London in the mix and now you have a party.  Groove to the “Live Your Life” remix below.


I’ve been rocking to this Pharrell-produced track for a few weeks now.  Malaysian artist Yuna has added visuals to her inspiring track “Live Your Life.”  The video follows the singer as she embraces the sights and sounds of the city of which her efforts and dreams have placed her.  I really dig the overall theme of this song–living life to its fullest potential, “we were meant for something bigger than this.”