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RTJ tour


Run the Jewels is becoming hip hop’s most redemptive act.  Unapologetic, brash, witty, and raw, Killer Mike and El-P have created a sound that eclipses mainstream hip hop’s current blueprint of trendy beats and superficial content.  The two are ushering in a model of varied experimentation with their lyrics and El-P’s production.  RTJ recently dropped their sophomore album and the response has been outstanding.  Murals, super fans supporters, and their own trill hand sign complement the movement these guys are creating all over the country.  I went to their sold out show in Atlanta at the Masquerade a few nights ago and it was one of the most high energy performances I’ve experienced this year.

The space was packed full of wild, raucous Run the Jewels fans.  Once Mike and El hit the stage, along with their DJ Trackstar, it was over an hour of moshing, jumping and ‘bow throwing in the crowd.  Which is exactly what Run the Jewels is all about: cutting up, letting loose, giving not a nan one fuck, then going back to your 9-5 gig and home to your babies.  But these dudes aren’t just wilin’ out.  In a (unfairly) rare display of masculine affection, the homies took the time to acknowledge a collaboration that’s blossomed into a true friendship.  The product of that friendship was grandly displayed on that stage through their complementary rhyming styles and their engagement of the audience.  Never a waning moment, the crowd went stupid when Big Boi came out for “Banana Clipper.”  Unfortunately, his mic sabotaged his appearance and we heard no bars.  His face in the place was good enough for most though.

Along with “Banana Clipper,” the guys pulled damn near all of their two album discography out, including “Sea Legs,” “Blockbuster Night,” “36” Chain,” “Lie, Cheat, Steal,” and still some more.

Moral of this story: if Run the Jewels comes banging through your city this year and next, you would be a damn fool not to check them out.

Tuesday night one of Atlanta’s hometown heroes blessed The Masquerade with his ghetto gospel.  Killer Mike shut shit down gloriously.  Appropriately so, the Into The Wild Tour kicked off in Atlanta and featured performances from Despot and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, as well as producer/rapper El-P.  But for me, that night was all about Mike Bigga; he made me “hip hop happy” (word to my dude blctxt for that one!) with his performance.  When I tell you this man has the energy of a cat 1/3 his size, you wouldn’t believe me until you witnessed him jump up over a speaker.  Mike performed most of his new album R.A.P. Music to a packed crowd, feeding off the frenzied energy like a hip hop zombie (too soon?).  He had suburban White kids chanting, “Fuck Reagan” and had way back supporters bouncing to “Kryptonite” like it was 2006.  And what’s “I’m On It” without Mr. Purple Ribbon himself?  Yep, Sir Lucious Leftfoot made an appearance that will surely be added to the Atlanta Hip Hop Archives.

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I’ve been gone for a minute but this video right here?? Shit ignited a fire that needed to burn. Killer Mike’s video to his single “Big Beast” from his new album R.A.P. Music is just that…a fuckin’ monster. Director Thomas C. Bingham took the Tarintino route–gore, violence, gangstas, titties, and bad ass attitudes. It is impactful as it is entertaining. The cinematic perspective is one that has long been devoid in the realm of hip hop videos. As Killer Mike so eloquently stated, “I don’t make dance music, this is R-A-P/opposite of that sucka shit that they play on t.v.” And unless there are insurmountable edits, don’t even worry ’bout it hitting BET anytime soon. But feel free to check it out under the cut…