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cadillacs in space

This joint is one of the reasons Audio Gumbo is here: to bring a funky alternative to what you’re used to.  Cadillacs In Space is a supergroup of extraterrestrial talent. Robyn the Bank, Aleon Craft and Shy Carter combined their cool ass writing, rapping, singing and producing skills to create an experience that will shake you up and turn you out.  “Autopilot (hollywood & highland)” brings some Southern cool mixed with some Cali heat.  Quick-paced and full of attitude, “Autopilot” is summertime ready.  Check out the song and video after the jump.


Oooh, I got a treat for y’all this Friday.  I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blessed y’all with some Funk It Out Friday flavor.  Now, this is only for the grown and extra sexy, so if you don’t fit the criteria, keep on scrolling.  This mix is Lovely Things and, as you can glean from the cover, it’s laid out with some sexy, lovely, soulful grooves.  Xan Drie Smith put together a mix that will cause nothing but good vibes and sweet, sticky thangs.  So go ‘head and get into this funk.  Enjoy y’all.



It’s the Friday before the holiday season.  Maybe you’re sitting at your desk, watching the clock and the door.  This is the song that washes over you like a smoky haze–a sonic high.  Sexy, sultry and funky, “I Get Lifted” provides that electric relaxation that you need on a Friday.  Get lifted below. 

Oh, and an added funk bonus:

family dinner

This is a different kind of funk, a slight deviation from the usual Funk It Out Fridays around here.  It’s still funky, just a mellow version.  Brought to you by Snarky Puppy from their latest release, Family Dinner, Volume 1, “Deep” (which was originally featured on N’Dambi’s Tunin’ Up & Cosignin’) was reworked as a live experience, encapsulating the original jazziness but extra rich in bass and percussion.  Check it out below and pick up that new Family Dinner, Volume 1 as well.  With features from Lalah Hathaway, Chantae Cann,  Shayna Steele, the aforementioned N’Dambi and other talented vocalists, this album proves to be a must-have.


Y’all ready for some funk for your Friday?? This joint is from the P-Funk group Brides of Funkenstein, a badass duo (and later, trio) consisting of Dawn Silva and Lynn Mabry, originally members of Sly and the Family Stone. They linked up with P-Funk’s father George Clinton, creating tunes that are truly reflective of the funk era and smoothed out with femininity and sensuality. “Amorous,” from their 1978 debut Funk or Walk, is both super funky and sexy, which is why you need this for a Friday. Get on down and enjoy!


Happy Friday, folks!  There’s something about Fridays that make me want to dance and groove wherever I go.  So that’s when “Funk It Out Fridays” come in handy.  I get a funky sound in my head early in the day and that’s my groovin’ music.  Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band will provide all the funk needed for movin’ into the weekend.

Oh, and 5 cool as hell points if you recognize who sampled this song.  It’s pretty easy (big ass hint, btw).  Enjoy your weekend!

My view at the EWF show in Atlanta


There are few bands funkier than the incomparable Earth, Wind & Fire.  I actually had the privilege of witnessing this great band on Wednesday.  Dopest, livest show I’ve ever seen.  So in honor of the groove they’ve been putting in us all for over 40 years, this Funk It Out Friday post is for the Elements.  Special shout out to Mr. Verdine White killin’ that bass! Woooo!


Escape (Whodini album)

From the bottom to the top, top to the bottom, this joint makes you want to dance ’til you sweat.  Five whole minutes of funk to get your weekend started.  Whodini made some banging party rockin’ songs in the ’80s and this one is definitely a party starter.   Enjoy your weekend! *pop locks* 

You need a theme song to the uninhibited urges you may feel this weekend? You can jam to this. B.T. Express gets real funky on this joint. “Do It (Til You’re Satisfied)” suggests that if it makes you feel good, gon’ and do it then! Can’t say I disagree. Enjoy the weekend!

Some slow funk for y’all on this Friday afternoon.  This 1975 hit from the ever dynamic Ohio Players is such a smooth, sexy track.  The saxophone solo throughout stands out as one of the highlights of the song.  Not to mention the cover art.  Have mercy.  The Ohio Players sure knew how to elicit sex appeal with those sweet voices and talented fingers (ha!).