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Audio Gumbo is a supporter and fan of The Remix on WRFG 89.3 FM, so it was an absolute honor to be asked to provide the soundtrack for the #BrittanyWhitneyTakeover segment from 12-2am.  Co-host Brittany brought me on to share some Audio Gumbo flava and feed her listeners some sonic goodness.  As always with AG, the goal is to expose, entertain and hip y’all to some dope, funky shit.  Listen to the exclusive playlist below and download the full episode of The Remix here!


ekundayo - everything

Love over everything.  Along with the moving visuals of Roni Nicole, the grand power of love is the inspiration behind this new song from Ekundayo.  With Illastrate on the beat and Boog Brown sliding in with her cool self, “Everything” becomes more than just a dope ass song; it’s theme music.  A soundtrack to perseverance and enrichment.  Check the track below and download it here.

boog brown - come alive

Ain’t nothin’ like a truly feel good tune.  Boog Brown had a release party for her latest project, The Late Bloom, and this video is a small taste of what went down.  “Come Alive” is smoothed out, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you; Boog rips shit per usual, in a fun, jovial manner.  I missed the party but I’ll act like I was there by pressing replay.  Cop that The Late Bloom, if you haven’t already.


This new video from the doper than dope Boog Brown has that red Solo cup, kickback flow to it.  “Windows Open,” from her latest project, The Late Bloom, feels like an adieu to the summer: family & friends kickin’ it together, babies running around with wide smiles and beer* overflowing.  Get into it and don’t forget to cop The Late Bloom!  Available hard or soft.

*Heineken needs to give Boog an endorsement deal!

Dillon and Boog Brown have bumped fists to activate their dynamic MC skills in the form of super duo Martha Knuckles.  After collaborating a few times on songs and stage, the two Atlanta-based artists obviously figured they would be twice as nice as a group.  Since hearing their first single from the EP, I foresee good shit coming from this collab.  Check out the neck-breakin’ track below.

You can also help fund the group’s EP by heading over to Indiegogo and dropping them a little (or a lot of) bread.

Hip hop is a funny thang.  We’ve got rappers that spit bars about money, cars, clothes and hoes, as if these acquisitions are the fulfillment of all their desires.  Rappers that strive to cop a label deal in hopes that all of those aforementioned things will be bestowed upon them with the simple mention of their names.  Thankfully, somebody has come along to talk some sense into these lost souls.  Visual artist and hip hop head Fahamu Pecou  has released an EP to complement his All Dat Glitters Ain’t Goals exhibition, which is currently on display at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City.  One part case study, one part satire, all around poignant, All Dat Glitters is the impetus for a much needed discussion about hip hop’s role in pop culture and its massive influence through media depictions.

Hence, Fahamu Pecou is The Shit! The Shit is Pecou’s alter ego who exploits hip-hop vernacular to address the oversaturation of false images and mislead ideals of wealth and success. Appearing as a blinged-out, tatted-up rapper gracing the covers of art and pop culture publications. Fahamu Pecou is The Shit’s over exaggerated persona and swagger of is heightened by the use of subversive commentary, wordplay and colloquialisms scrawled atop these large-scale works. These quips directly engage the erroneous posturing proclaimed by today’s black pop culture icons and role models.

The EP provides the soundtrack to Pecou’s hard hitting displays of hip hop grandeur and extravagance.  Pecou recruits some of Atlanta’s most enterprising MCs to assist in ushering in some dialogue about what’s happening in hip hop culture.  Produced by Illastrate, the All Dat Glitters EP has been blessed by the likes of Stic.Man of Dead PrezClan Destined, L.I.U.N.S. Den, StarChile, Boog Brown, Great S.C.O.T.T., Methuzalah, Mike Flo and more.

Not only do you receive an awesome EP (for free!), Pecou has added a digi-book which includes art from his exhibit and lyrics from each dope track.  That’s the shit, right?

Last week, I had the privilege of attending one of the dopest hip hop shows my body has rocked to.  The Do For Self Initiative hosted its first show of its 2012 concert series.  According to the website:

“Do For Self is a community initiative aimed at promoting all humans to be self sufficient.  Free from brain wash, and tyranny of the mind, and body.   Applying the philosophy of “Every Option Every Variable” to every decision… I present direction – organized from each according to ability, to each according to need.” -GBK

Hosted by Methuzulah with special guest DJ Trackstar, with performances from the rhythmic collective Capacity Demo (DJs Illastrate, AmDex and DT, and flutist Rasheeda Ali), Tef Poe, Ekundayo, Gotta Be Karim, Clan Destined, Sha Stimuli, and Boog Brown, every act that hit the stage brought fire.

This showcase was what the culture of hip hop is all about: connectedness, vivid storytelling, self-sufficiency, and rhymes that move the crowd.  If what went down at 529 is any indication of what Do For Self has in store, I would definitely recommend anyone in ATL to check out the next show.  Check the website for any upcoming events.

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Boog Brown + Stanza “Together” (Prod. by King I Divine)

This new joint comes from Detroit’s Boog Brown and Atlanta’s Stanza.  With production from King I Divine,  this is some real head knockin’ shit right here.  Boog and Stanza make no qualms about laying claims to the mic.  This cut is off the upcoming compilation mixtape Beatz + Lyrics 2 Go Vol. 2.  If this track is any indication of what’s coming in February, expect some heat.