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“if you really need some food, plant them seeds in the earth/plant them ideas and add action to give them birth.”

The hustlegrind is so real.  It ain’t easy, but Atlanta MC/producer Jack Preston affirms that “it’s okay.”  The newly released visual for his latest self-produced single from his upcoming album End Of The Future is a narrative dedicated to the working class, the every(wo)man.  Director Will Feagins Jr. of High Impact Multimedia captures the artist’s every day grind, following him through the streets of East Atlanta.  The message is crystal: We have dreams and lofty aspirations but we still got bills to pay.  We gotta eat but destinies must still be manifested.  Hit play on the video and download the track here.


*Copped from 2DBZ.


I won’t lie: I melt over a good hip hop love song.  A smooth beat, intimate lyrics and slick wordplay are the best ways to romance my heart.  “Land of Passion,” produced by Dublohskytzo, from Yamin Semali’s latest project Senior Dues, speaks to all these facets of  soul connectedness.  Produced by B.K. Jackson and Mike Robertson, the visuals are warm and inviting, showing Yamin chillin’ with his lady, sharing in her space, vibing to her vinyl collection.  Get into it below and pick up that Senior Dues here!


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Yasiin Gaye


My apologies, this review is long overdue.  But to those of you that have no clue about this project, it’ll be right on time.  Amerigo Gazaway returns with a very seminal project, one that will continue to shape the format of the evolving mash-up.  From his Soul Mates series, Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One) is the undeniable union of the divided soul singer Marvin Gaye and the artist formerly known as Mos Def, Yasiin Bey.  If you weren’t a believer in soul mates, this pairing will dispel your disbelief.  The Departure blends the two artists so seamlessly, it’s as if they were creating simultaneously in the studio.


SZA - Warm Winds


I’ve been diggin’ the young TDE crooner as of late.  SZA‘s mellow, laid back persona is hypnotic, as beautifully displayed in her new video “Warm Winds.”  Fellow TDE label mate Isaiah Rashad lends his equally cool presence and vocals to the track.  The visual matches the song’s melancholic tone with somber hues and disconnected scenes.

SZA just released her latest project Z, which is available here.  Get into the video under the cut.


rtj - rtj video

Such a cold interpretation of Run the Jewels‘ title track.  Animated by equally maniacal Ruff Mercy, the visuals for Run the Jewels feature El-P, Killer Mike and their DJ, Trackstar, with glowing Hulk-green skin and menacing grins.  These boys go hard  and it’s kinda intimidating.  Phony ass rap cats, beware.  Straight up, when Killa Kill says ‘run the jewels,’ gon’ and run ’em.

Xmas Miracle RTJ


Here’s some season’s greetings from the rap dynamic duo Run the Jewels (Killer Mike + El-P).  “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” comes from their self-titled album, which will be re-released as a deluxe edition (featuring bonus and remixed tracks and new artwork) on January 13th. The visuals for the song contain some twisted Christmas references–awkward holiday poses in ugly sweaters, a grown ass Tiny Tim, Santa with an attitude, and a wild stuffed squirrel in a manger.  Oh, and that guitar solo?  Just nasty.  Get the eggnog and Jack out and enjoy your Christmas gift from RTJ.


This new video from the doper than dope Boog Brown has that red Solo cup, kickback flow to it.  “Windows Open,” from her latest project, The Late Bloom, feels like an adieu to the summer: family & friends kickin’ it together, babies running around with wide smiles and beer* overflowing.  Get into it and don’t forget to cop The Late Bloom!  Available hard or soft.

*Heineken needs to give Boog an endorsement deal!

jackpres replay video

Jack Preston ain’t playin’ with y’all!  If you’re not FOR the community, please believe he’s pulling your card.  Check out the visuals for “Replay” featuring appearances from The Dojo Collective, Yamin Semali and a very fie b-boy.


You can always count on Yamin Semali to bring freshness and innovation to his art.  His new video, for one of my favorite tracks off his project YAMIN, “Never Leave” is no exception to that freshness.  Directed by everybody’s favorite indie film creative W. Feagins Jr., the visuals for “Never Leave” play out as a fun, easygoing, reciprocal relationship between Yamin and his love, his MPC.  Yes, it’s an ode to his beat machine.  With the way this track flows and knocks, you can feel how much Yamin is feelin’ his MPC.  Check out the video below:


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Im Set Goodie Mob

Goodie MoB dropped the visuals for their new single, “I’m Set” from their upcoming album Age Against the Machine.  I don’t fully understand it but I’m diggin’ it anyway.  Check it out under the cut and share your thoughts about the video in the comments…

You can catch Goodie Mob in Atlanta at One MusicFest on Sept. 14th.  Cop your tickets here!

Oh, and if you can’t hear the song clearly in the video, get into it below.