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If Jesse Boykins III puts his name on it, usually a banger is expected.  This new joint is no exception.  An artist from JB3’s Romantic Movement, New Jersey native Moruf drops a smoothed out track about a clandestine love affair with a friend.  Produced by THC and JB3, the groove has that “I Want You” vibe, complete with jazzy percussions.  Moruf is gearing up from a November 12th album release so I’ll be on the look for more new music.

the internet feel good


The new EP from The Internet is on some laid-back, chill vibe.  Feel Good is the 2nd release from the Odd Future affiliates Syd The Kyd and Matt Martians.  Now, don’t let the connection to the wild, shock-provoking collective confuse or deter you.  The Internet’s sound is on a completely different chart than their controversial counterparts.  R&B infused with house and jazz, live instrumentation and airy vocals makes this just the album to produce feelings of pure goodness.  Not to mention appearances from Yuna and Jesse Boykins III.  How can that not make you feel good?? Stream the album below for a limited time and cop it at iTunes!

Photo by Carol Grady of Rhythmic Images

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing an intense soul session that completely satiated my rhythmic thirst.  Chicago native Jesse Boykins III (an Audio Gumbo favorite) touched down in Atlanta at The Five Spot and shared his “Romantic Movement” and his glorious ‘fro with his adoring listeners.  His opening acts included Micah Freeman and Gilles, whom I, unfortunately, missed out on but word is, both gentleman threw down.  I’ll be checking them out.  Another opener was the dope ass band Bosco.  Led by the funky fresh Brittany Bosco, ATL’s finest served up tunes with their last show of 2012.  Brittany B. killed with her rendition of Ralph Tresvant’s “Sensitivity,” completely transforming it into a soulful, rock joint.


The producer behind the success of seemingly overnight sensation, The Weeknd, has decided to procure his own lane in the business, hopefully minus the backstabbing and dramaJeremy Rose, now Zodiac, produces with a dark, warped feel integrated into his music.  Zodiac’s first single, “Come,” maintains his penchant for mystery and deep sexuality with Jesse Boykins III providing the vocals in his own sensual fashion.  The EP, also titled Come, will be released digitally on Sept. 24 and physically on Oct. 8.

Picked up at URB.


If you’ve been sleeping on Jesse Boykins III, now would be the time to wake the hell up.  You’ve seriously been missing out on the sounds of an incredibly talented crooner.  While anticipation for his newest project, Zulu Guru, with producer Melo-X is rising, the Chicago singer/songwriter has released a track to “fulfill the hunger.”  Dubbed a “re-fix,” “Restless Dreamer” features the undertones of King’s “Hey.”  Sexy, intimate, and sensual, JB3 brushes against the line between love and lust.  Hot!

This joint right here?? The shit that visual romance is made of.  Jesse Boykins III released the video to “B4 The Night Is Thru” from the highly anticipated album Love Apparatus (where’s it at, JB3??).  The setting: a trendy, exclusive low-key spot, brimming with eclecticism and individuality.  The people: Jesse and his coolly dressed boys and Trae with her fabulously accessorized ladies.  The situation: While the ladies are just trying to get their sweat on via good tunes and beats, JB nervously works up the courage to holla at the entrancing Trae. However, his efforts are thwarted by cockblocking bouncers and mocking homegirls.  We’ve all been there.  Get into it!

This new release from Jesse Boykins III, “The Perfect Blues,” is the perfect ode to the love that refuses to back down and seems to return at the most inopportune moments. The production consists of jazzy hand claps and ethereal strings.

“This song is the perfect explanation for what it means to be a human being in love with danger and risk-taking in relationships.” –Jesse Boykins III

“The Perfect Blues” comes from The Red Bull Academy’s compilation Various Assets–Not For Sale, which drops on February 24.