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Audio Gumbo is a supporter and fan of The Remix on WRFG 89.3 FM, so it was an absolute honor to be asked to provide the soundtrack for the #BrittanyWhitneyTakeover segment from 12-2am.  Co-host Brittany brought me on to share some Audio Gumbo flava and feed her listeners some sonic goodness.  As always with AG, the goal is to expose, entertain and hip y’all to some dope, funky shit.  Listen to the exclusive playlist below and download the full episode of The Remix here!



RTJ tour


Run the Jewels is becoming hip hop’s most redemptive act.  Unapologetic, brash, witty, and raw, Killer Mike and El-P have created a sound that eclipses mainstream hip hop’s current blueprint of trendy beats and superficial content.  The two are ushering in a model of varied experimentation with their lyrics and El-P’s production.  RTJ recently dropped their sophomore album and the response has been outstanding.  Murals, super fans supporters, and their own trill hand sign complement the movement these guys are creating all over the country.  I went to their sold out show in Atlanta at the Masquerade a few nights ago and it was one of the most high energy performances I’ve experienced this year.

The space was packed full of wild, raucous Run the Jewels fans.  Once Mike and El hit the stage, along with their DJ Trackstar, it was over an hour of moshing, jumping and ‘bow throwing in the crowd.  Which is exactly what Run the Jewels is all about: cutting up, letting loose, giving not a nan one fuck, then going back to your 9-5 gig and home to your babies.  But these dudes aren’t just wilin’ out.  In a (unfairly) rare display of masculine affection, the homies took the time to acknowledge a collaboration that’s blossomed into a true friendship.  The product of that friendship was grandly displayed on that stage through their complementary rhyming styles and their engagement of the audience.  Never a waning moment, the crowd went stupid when Big Boi came out for “Banana Clipper.”  Unfortunately, his mic sabotaged his appearance and we heard no bars.  His face in the place was good enough for most though.

Along with “Banana Clipper,” the guys pulled damn near all of their two album discography out, including “Sea Legs,” “Blockbuster Night,” “36” Chain,” “Lie, Cheat, Steal,” and still some more.

Moral of this story: if Run the Jewels comes banging through your city this year and next, you would be a damn fool not to check them out.


When Killer Mike enlisted El-P to take over the production on his 2012 album, R.A.P. Music, hip hop was not fully prepared for what that collaboration would come to beget.  Soon, the duo birthed Run the Jewels and really fucked folks’ heads up.  Their self-titled debut was an immediate favorite amongst critics and fans of the rappers.  So, it’s no surprise that their follow-up was highly anticipated.  Behold, Run the Jewels 2.  Originally set to drop on October 27, the early leak had the Internet going wild.  And rightfully so.  This project is quintessential hip hop: raw lyrics, experimental production, and varying concepts.  What I dig most about this album is the range of the topics and unexpected but appropriate collaborations.  Folks like Gangsta Boo, Travis Barker, and Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha all show up and show out.  Audio Gumbo’s favorite tracks: Blockbuster Night Part 1, Angel Duster and Love Again (Akinyele Back).


Every Friday someone asks me, “what’s happ’nin’ this weekend??”  This will be the place for you to find out.  If you have an event you’d like to submit to be featured, email me with the subject “Event Submission.”  I’ll feature it, along with other events happening within the same time frame. If it’s particularly dope, I’ll feature a more detailed write-up of your event.

(Right now, most events featured will be in Atlanta, since that’s my base.  I’m open to events country and world-wide though!)


rtj - rtj video

Such a cold interpretation of Run the Jewels‘ title track.  Animated by equally maniacal Ruff Mercy, the visuals for Run the Jewels feature El-P, Killer Mike and their DJ, Trackstar, with glowing Hulk-green skin and menacing grins.  These boys go hard  and it’s kinda intimidating.  Phony ass rap cats, beware.  Straight up, when Killa Kill says ‘run the jewels,’ gon’ and run ’em.

Xmas Miracle RTJ


Here’s some season’s greetings from the rap dynamic duo Run the Jewels (Killer Mike + El-P).  “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” comes from their self-titled album, which will be re-released as a deluxe edition (featuring bonus and remixed tracks and new artwork) on January 13th. The visuals for the song contain some twisted Christmas references–awkward holiday poses in ugly sweaters, a grown ass Tiny Tim, Santa with an attitude, and a wild stuffed squirrel in a manger.  Oh, and that guitar solo?  Just nasty.  Get the eggnog and Jack out and enjoy your Christmas gift from RTJ.


I leave you with four words/I’m glad Reagan’s dead

Audio Gumbo favorite Killer Mike has done it again.  On the cusp of the presidential debate night, the visuals for R.A.P Music’s most politically charged and conspiratorial track “Reagan” were released.  In the same vein as the song, the video is sharp with scathing commentary and dark symbolism.  Personally, I think “Reagan” is one of Mike’s best.  He’s incredibly insightful with a dead-on delivery.  I’ll tell you again, if you don’t have R.A.P. Music, what the fuck are you waiting for??


Everybody’s favorite “conscious” rapper returns with a little gift to whet your appetite before the release of Prisoner of Conscious.  Talib Kweli joined forces with producer Z-Trip and Attack the Block is the result.  With so many repeat-worthy tracks, it’s hard to narrow down the highlights of the mixtape.  Guests include Black Thought, Styles P, Killer Mike, Mac Miller, Corey Mo, Ab-Soul, John Forte, Skyzoo, Das Racist, Lil Wayne, Jessica Care Moore and quite a few more.  Hopefully, POC with prove to be just as diverse.

Download here (courtesy of TSS)


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L.A.-bred MC Thurz has been teasing us with singles from his new mixtape 517 W Queen Tape for a few weeks now.  At last, the final project has dropped and it’s well worth the wait.  This new tape is just the precursor to Blood on the Canvas, the follow-up to the finely crafted L.A. Riot517 has a more upbeat vibe but still maintains Thurz’s penchant for that “keep it 100” flow.  Guests include BJ the Chicago Kid, my dude Killer Mike, Aleon Craft, Johnny Polygon, Rich Kidd, Rocki Evans, and Tuki Carter.

Download mixtape here.

I know what y’all are thinking: “Damn, girl!  Another Killer Mike post??  You on the payroll or somethin??”  It’s not my fault.  Really.  If the man wasn’t dropping such prolific gems all over the place, his presence would be much more scarce around these parts.  But he done done it again.  From R.A.P. Music, one of the best albums of 2012, Killer Mike goes straight art history major in his new video “Untitled,” directed by Benjamin Dickinson.  It’s only fitting, considering the rich, historical subjects mentioned throughout the track.  Visually impressive, the images possess a haunting quality while commanding respect and acknowledgement.  Check it out below.