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Every Friday someone asks me, “what’s happ’nin’ this weekend??”  This will be the place for you to find out.  If you have an event you’d like to submit to be featured, email me with the subject “Event Submission.”  I’ll feature it, along with other events happening within the same time frame. If it’s particularly dope, I’ll feature a more detailed write-up of your event.

(Right now, most events featured will be in Atlanta, since that’s my base.  I’m open to events country and world-wide though!)




And I’d have to agree with the homieAfter proving to folks that he’s a Southern “rap nigga” that can, in fact, rap, Big Sant is back with bold braggadocio.  Produced by Kreatev, the track possesses an equally audacious sound


“Who said niggas in the South can’t rap?”  Big Sant, along with King Mez, Tito Lopez and Phonte, answers that question as only a true Southern rapper can: cool as shit with a country twang.