New Video: “Windows Open” x Boog Brown (dir. x Elsie Swann)

Posted: October 1, 2013 in ATL Love, Hip Hop, New Video, Underground
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This new video from the doper than dope Boog Brown has that red Solo cup, kickback flow to it.  “Windows Open,” from her latest project, The Late Bloom, feels like an adieu to the summer: family & friends kickin’ it together, babies running around with wide smiles and beer* overflowing.  Get into it and don’t forget to cop The Late Bloom!  Available hard or soft.

*Heineken needs to give Boog an endorsement deal!

  1. […] Alive” is smoothed out, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you; Boog rips shit per usual, in a fun, jovial manner.  I missed the party but I’ll act like I was there by pressing […]

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