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Y’all know how I feel about a good mashup.  This new project from Nappy DJ Needles satisfies my love of delectably blended genres.  The Notorious Exchange reworks classic lyrics from The Notorious B.IG. by laying them over the smooth sounds of The Foreign Exchange.  Enjoy the stream below or download it here.

Instant favorite: “Struggle or Nothing”


I’ve been listening to Gwen Bunn for a little under a year.  The Decatur, GA native writes, arranges and produces her own music.  With lyrics of experience and multi-layered production, her impressive output belies her young age.  Gwen has appeared on a couple of tracks from the Foreign Exchange crew, including “Can’t Turn Around,” from Love In Flying Colors.  She also put the beat down on Schoolboy Q’s “Collard Greens.”  Hip hop, soul, R&B, electro-jazz, Gwen Bunn can pretty much arrange a tune in all genres.  Quite frankly, she’s one to look out for in 2014.


Catch up with her 2009 release The Verdict



R&B and Soul are two of my favorite genres of music.  Emotional, vulnerable, honest, danceable and inspiring, a good R&B album will make you feel a connection to each track.  A great R&B album will serve as a soundtrack to your love life’s most pivotal experiences.  The new album from The Foreign Exchange will tell the story of your love in many hues.

Love In Flying Colors is the fourth album from the duo composed of front man/singer/rapper Phonte and producer Nicolay.  If you’re familiar with FE, then you’re well aware of the magic these two (along with other talents of the FE imprint) have conjured up since their inception.  I still find myself in awe over their introduction to each other and just how transforming music in the Internet Age can be.  The two have created an intense platform for independent artists and continue to demonstrate an organic connectedness to their listeners and supporters.  This new album is no exception.


From the Foreign Exchange camp comes North Carolina’s own Jeanne Jolly.  Produced by The Hot At Nights’ Chris Boerner, her new single “Sweet Love” is sultry and soulful.  The song, showcasing her beautiful range and songwriting talent, is laced with tender song lyrics of a romantic rendezvous.  Jolly recently joined the FE family in 2011, lending her vocals to The Foreign Exchange’s Dear Friends and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home.  Her debut full-length album, Angels, will be available on Oct. 2.