huh what

Every once in a while, I’ve gotta go into hibernation.  Just get away from the noise, the saturation, the bad vibes.  A cleansing, of sorts.  I’m not quite over my respite but I had to resurface to share this with y’all.

If you’ve been keeping up with Audio Gumbo, you should be a lil’ familiar with this dude.  If you’re new, let me catch you up right quick: blctxt contxt is a cool ass Atlanta emcee that raps about being a real dude in the working class machine while keeping intact his spiritual consciousness of good vibes.  He just dropped some long awaited joints from his new album, [work=love].  Produced by King I Divine and cut up by Yamin Semali, “Huh, What?!” is some straight neck breaking, fonky shit.  In addition to that high energy cut, blctxt also drops motivational jewels with “Jade Malas” and lyrical fire with “Decision.”

Support the homie and cop the maxi-single over on Bandcamp!



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