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I’ve been gone for a minute but this video right here?? Shit ignited a fire that needed to burn. Killer Mike’s video to his single “Big Beast” from his new album R.A.P. Music is just that…a fuckin’ monster. Director Thomas C. Bingham took the Tarintino route–gore, violence, gangstas, titties, and bad ass attitudes. It is impactful as it is entertaining. The cinematic perspective is one that has long been devoid in the realm of hip hop videos. As Killer Mike so eloquently stated, “I don’t make dance music, this is R-A-P/opposite of that sucka shit that they play on t.v.” And unless there are insurmountable edits, don’t even worry ’bout it hitting BET anytime soon. But feel free to check it out under the cut…


Shawty.  This shit is soooo nasty.  One of those tracks that belongs in your ride.  For real.  Your computer speakers won’t even truly do this track justice.

Everything about this joint knocks so hard.  As usual, Killer Mike does not disappoint.  He combines his monstrous, hard-hitting lyricism with El-P’s extraterrestrial bass to create just a piece of the eagerly awaited collaboration R.A.P. (Rebellious African People) Music (yes, the title is dope as fuck).  Mike enlisted kings of the South, Bun B and T.I., which gives this track crazy credibility.  Oh, and don’t sleep on that artwork, either–from fellow ATLien Fahamou.

R.A.P. (Rebellious African People) Music drops on May 15.  Pow muhfucka!

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I can’t pass up an opportunity to rep my city (and my favorite pastime) with this ATL connection.  “Strange Clouds” comes off B.o.B’s mixtape EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial.  B.o.B, Jeezy and T.I. all look like they poured up and rolled up and are floating on “strange clouds” for real.  If you’re prone to seizures, this video ain’t for you.  Directed by 1st Impressions, the visuals are crazy, like a drunken, hazy night after blowin’ money fast at the shake joint.  This could be my weekend anthem…