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Every Friday someone asks me, “what’s happ’nin’ this weekend??”  This will be the place for you to find out.  If you have an event you’d like to submit to be featured, email me with the subject “Event Submission.”  I’ll feature it, along with other events happening within the same time frame. If it’s particularly dope, I’ll feature a more detailed write-up of your event.

(Right now, most events featured will be in Atlanta, since that’s my base.  I’m open to events country and world-wide though!)


A3C Vol 4



What better time to emerge from my hiatus than with this new joint from blctxt and producer King I Divine?  In the midst of a turbulent sociopolitical time, “The Roots” is a thoughtful narrative reflecting this nation’s unjust timeline.  “I’m a mortal man that wishes he had answers/I’ma have some kids I hope that they stand up/to the man with the gun in his hands/whose agenda is to wipe them off earth cuz he can.”  Over King I Divine’s hypnotic sounds, blctxt’s insightful lyrics can’t help but resonate with folks that understand this struggle.


This song is from the A3C Vol. 4 compilation mix, which dropped today.  The mix is full of dope artists: new ones you need to know and familiar ones you’ve been diggin’ for a minute.  You can stream it here and cop it here.




The director of the acclaimed short documentary Underexposed: Indie Hip Hop in Atlanta delves into another aspect of the hip hop scene: the changes of the genre from inception to the present.  W. Feagins, Jr. presents what looks to be a well-thought out piece on the inevitable evolution of hip hop and how it’s affected its artists and its audience.  Hip hop, with its international presence, has proven that it can withstand the tests of time and scrutiny, but how does its change touch those close to it?  Change In The Game will hopefully answer this question and stimulate more dialogue.

The film will premiere at A3C Film Festival at the Plaza Theater.  Get more info on the screening here.