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number five


I’m convinced there aren’t many things Jean Grae can’t do, artistically.  Hell, probably generally too.  Usually on her cool rapper shit, Jean has decided to do some cool singer shit on her new EP #5.  Still full of witty, relatable lyricism and quirky production (alllll by Jean Greasy), this new EP is sexy enough for cuffing season and chill enough for alone time.  Available for streaming but you should just buy it.

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Jean Grae has finally dropped the full version of the highly anticipated visuals to the gruesomely dope single, “Kill Screen.”  Brimming with WTF moments, Jean Greasy has shot and directed a video that implores you not to look away.  Seriously.  If you look away you’ll miss out on all the subliminal messages embedded in the scenes.  Just don’t fuck around and get carpal tunnel hitting that pause and rewind button attempting to catch them all.

P.S. Once you’ve done your own detective work deciphering the video’s content, see how well you’ve done over at Okayplayer.

Sooo, y’all remember that eerily bangin’ new joint from Jean Grae?  Of course you do.  Well, she’s got a little teaser for us and it’s…confusing, bewitching and downright enthralling.  From what I can tell, somebody gon’ die.  The official video for “Kill Screen” drops Sept. 24.  Stay tuned *insert horror movie sounds here*

Oh. Em. Gee. Jean Grae just dropped one of the sickest, dopest songs I’ve heard in a minute. Produced by her own hands, she employs “something eerie [and] sparse that allowed for a lot of room for wordplay,” as she tells MTV Hive. Dense with crazy, sometimes nerdy, references, the challenge is to see how many of them are familiar to you. Good luck! Oh, and be on the look out for her next albums, Gotham Down and Cake or Death.