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Audio Gumbo x AB+L Radio

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Oooh, I got a treat for y’all this Friday.  I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blessed y’all with some Funk It Out Friday flavor.  Now, this is only for the grown and extra sexy, so if you don’t fit the criteria, keep on scrolling.  This mix is Lovely Things and, as you can glean from the cover, it’s laid out with some sexy, lovely, soulful grooves.  Xan Drie Smith put together a mix that will cause nothing but good vibes and sweet, sticky thangs.  So go ‘head and get into this funk.  Enjoy y’all.


chantae cann da da n da

Music has certain healing qualities that aren’t obtained from dark, amber bottles or gelatin covered tablets.  It has the ability to awaken senses and stir up joy in one’s life.  There are songs with the full intent and purpose to generate smiles and elicit happiness within.  This new joint from Atlanta’s Chantae Cann is happiness personified.  “Da Da ‘N Da” makes you feel like dancing wherever you stand, singing to your lover, smiling at scowling faces and hugging yourself.  With musical arrangements by the funky jazz band Snarky Puppy, grooving is inevitable.  So, groove on and be happy!  Be sure to cop her upcoming album, Journey to Golden, on 7/21.


The Do For Self Initiative hosted another live event on Wednesday, this time featuring soul and funk as the highlighted genre of choice. Usually, Do For Self gears their productions more towards hip hop acts but since hip hop has much soul, the natural order of thangs would eventually lead the initiative towards funky rhythms. Hosted by blctxt, the night featured performances from Jack Preston and the Dojo Collective, Richelle Brown a.k.a. Cornbread, and Naira. Each set was steeped in a beautiful cosmic energy. While all the performances were magical, I was particular fascinated by Cornbread. Shawty bad. Her presence on that stage made me wanna kick off my shoes, light a j, and engulf myself in the sounds. Also, T-Bird and the Breaks travelled from Austin, TX to headline and inject their own brand of funk onto the scene. They played a mean cover of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar.”

I told y’all last time about how a Do For Self production is laid out: collectiveness, unity, and dope energy. Ain’t nothin’ changed. Definitely be sure to check out each artists’ Twitter to find out more about them. You are welcomed.

*All photos courtesy of Underexposed’s Instagram and Facebook pages. ‘Preciate ya!*

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First heard over at Okayplayer, this instrumental version of one of my all time favorite tracks made my heart flutter. I mean, I can feel the love all over this cover.

Hailing from Chicago’s Southside, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is made up of eight talented brothers who obviously have a great ear for classic sounds. Read more about their rich musical history here.