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shot x Jack Preston

shot x Jack Preston

Living in Atlanta, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.  Rarely do any around the way sightings shock me anymore.  I may be tickled, amused and highly entertained but truly surprised??  Those times are few and far between.  Until one Friday I saw a post on Facebook sharing the time and location of a “guerilla style” jam session.  “3pm. Kebbi Williams and the Wolf Pack.  5 Points Marta train station.”  Are you SERIOUS???

Now, if you’re not familiar with Kebbi Williams, don’t worry (yet).  I just got hip to him when I had a chance to experience his band’s electric performance at Funk Jazz Café a few months ago.  (It’s a crime how they killed that stage.)  But after bearing witness to the glory of live instrumentation, I just had to be in the place when they threw down at the train station.  Kebbi on the saxophone accompanied by his collective of wolves on trumpets, trombones, flutes, tubas, harmonicas, and drums: church.  When I tell you I caught the holy ghost in that space, it’s the gospel truth.  Totally electrifying.



Peep that logo.  Black & white, rockin’ out side by side, groovin’ to dope tunes, enjoying the commonality of love for damn good music.  This is absolutely the message and vibe to be expected from One Musicfest, one of the most exciting, anticipated music events of the year.  If music is the motivation, One Musicfest is the outlet.  Don’t even take my word for it, check the honest to God visuals below:



Happy Friday, folks!  There’s something about Fridays that make me want to dance and groove wherever I go.  So that’s when “Funk It Out Fridays” come in handy.  I get a funky sound in my head early in the day and that’s my groovin’ music.  Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band will provide all the funk needed for movin’ into the weekend.

Oh, and 5 cool as hell points if you recognize who sampled this song.  It’s pretty easy (big ass hint, btw).  Enjoy your weekend!

It’s Friday, y’all!  Don’t it feel good?  Here’s a lil’ something for you to get your weekend started right.  The original Nasty Girl, Ms. Betty Davis emits a rawness that’s accompanied by a nasty guitar riff and expressive percussions.  So, go ‘head and groove to this.

“Live fast, die young.  Bad girls do it well.”

This video right here?? Dopeness personified.  Not only are the lyrics hardhitting, the visuals are fast-moving and lively.  M.I.A. stays true to form, from the flashy clothes down to the “fuck you” attitude.  What makes this video (directed by Romain Gavras) even more badass are the possibly political undertones embedded in the plot.  Women doing doughnuts, toting rifles and standing on top of cars gliding on two wheels, all in protest of archaic Islamic gender laws?  Girl power, indeed.

The song (produced by Danja) comes from her mixtape Vicki Leekx .  M.I.A. is currently working on new music, with an album anticipated for a summer release.

How can you not rock to a production that includes samples from such a classic as “The Wiz”??  9th got down on this one.  “Flash and Flare” comes from Little Brother’s mixtape The Chittlin Circuit 1.5.  I think I’m gonna have to start a petition to bring Little Brother back?  Will you sign it??

If you need a reminder on Emerald City’s fly opulence and 9th Wonder’s inspiration, check out the clip under Little Brother.  And skip to the 3:15 mark for the “flash and flare”.

Santigold is back!  And with a banger, might I add.  Yeah, “Big Mouth” is a frantic mix of percussions and chants, but the urgency of the sounds and lyrics really drive the song. The video–illustrated and directed by Cody Critcheloe–that accompanies this joint is just…sick.  The bold hues and wild structures give off a festive vibe.  Apropos, seeing as a crown is methodically placed throughout the video.  What you tryna say, Santi??  Oh, and what’s a comeback without a lil beef on the side??