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Audio Gumbo x AB+L Radio

Make sure you tune in to Audio Gumbo on AB+L Radio every Saturday at noon EST! got some funky stuff for y’all. download the app on iTunes or Google Play or listen online at



Every so often, you have to do something specifically for yourself. Forget costs, hindrances, obligations, whatever. I’ve never travelled to another state STRICTLY for music.   Considering that I love music and traveling, this trip has been a long time coming.  There was at least one “festival” that I’ve been feenin’ to go to so I made it happen. The 6th Annual Roots Picnic is being held on June 1st in Philly and I’m hype as hell that I get to experience it. Never seen The Roots live so I expect that to be the highlight of my trip.

Anyway, I’d like to share my enthusiasm with y’all. If you’re interested attended vicariously, I’ll be live tweeting the show to put y’all as close as you can get via the innanets. Follow me @ohsowrite, if you’re not already. The tweeting will start around 12pm EST. I’ll be using hashtags #RootsPicnic and #AudioGumbo so follow along!

In the meantime, vibe out to this dope mixtape by producer Cosmo Baker. It features sounds from every artist scheduled to perform on Saturday.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Spree Wilson.  I know that he sings, raps, produces, writes and plays a mighty mean guitar.  He’s a proud Southern boy, which I deemed from his nice country drawl and his new joint, “Right One, Wrong Time.”  Reminiscent of Atlanta in the 90s, the Flush Music-produced track will evoke the urge to Bankhead Bounce and scrub the ground, all while lacing up roller skates at Golden Glide.  Although the song sounds like we’ve gone back in time, it definitely jams, shawty.

For all performers, producers, songwriters and entertainment aspirants, Atlanta-based artist development and entertainment company Area 360 has an opportunity that you absolutely should not miss. Presenting “Artist Development in a Dash,” registrants will have a chance to quickly showcase their talent before a highly sought after and knowledgeable panel of industry professionals. After the artist’s two minute performance, the panelists will critique and provide immediate feedback on areas where the artist can improve. Artists will have one minute to ask the panel questions regarding their flourishing career.



Shame on me, but I just unearthed the gem that is New Zealand’s Kimbra.  I’ve seen her name floating around the innanets but never took the time to hit the play button on her.  Her voice is…wow.  It’s futile to try to place her in a certain genre box because she encompasses many sounds: soul, jazz, blues, funk, electro, pop.  The track below showcases her range nicely.

New Orleans jazz great Dr. John returns with a hard-hitting bluesy, social commentary in the form of “Revolution.”  He’s paired with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach to create what will surely be a nicely crafted album, Locked Down.  Dr. John has long been a staple on the blues and jazz scene so I’m interested in what else Auerbach will be able to bring out of this collaboration.  Auerbach did tell Rolling Stone, “Like that Farfisa solo on ‘Revolution’ – that’s a first-take solo. He just goes for it, man. He told me he hadn’t played a Farfisa organ since 1969 when he was with Doug Sahm, and he killed it.”  Yeah, that organ is just sick as hell, man.

You can stream “Revolution” here.  You won’t regret it.  Album drops April 3rd.

Some slow funk for y’all on this Friday afternoon.  This 1975 hit from the ever dynamic Ohio Players is such a smooth, sexy track.  The saxophone solo throughout stands out as one of the highlights of the song.  Not to mention the cover art.  Have mercy.  The Ohio Players sure knew how to elicit sex appeal with those sweet voices and talented fingers (ha!).

The second track from Georgia Anne Muldrow’s upcoming project, Seeds, dropped last week.  “Husfriend” is a laidback tune dedicated to finding and committing to love.  If this incredibly smooth track is any indication of what’s to be expected from the  Madlib/Muldrow collabI’m pretty sure some good shit is about to transpire.

Download the track on iTunes.  LP drops on 3/27.

A lil late but I most certainly had to show love to one of soul music’s most influential, Erykah Badu. I remember when I heard “On & On” for the first time.  I couldn’t believe all the heart and soul emanating from my speakers.  Ever since then, I’ve been a lover fan of the analog girl in a digital world.  Her voice, her style, her entire being is the shit that nonconformists live for.  She’s the poster lady for “do what the hell you gon’ do.”  And at 41, she’s doing her own thing quite nicely.  Singer, mommy, dj, doula, artist, activist and b-girl, Badu has solidified her place in music lovers’ hearts.


Check out this interview where she explains the pivotal role of the DJ.  Yes, yes, y’all.

I’ve been rocking to this Pharrell-produced track for a few weeks now.  Malaysian artist Yuna has added visuals to her inspiring track “Live Your Life.”  The video follows the singer as she embraces the sights and sounds of the city of which her efforts and dreams have placed her.  I really dig the overall theme of this song–living life to its fullest potential, “we were meant for something bigger than this.”