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Singer/songwriter India Shawn’s latest project, Outer Limits, is a collaborative piece with renowned producer/songwriter/singer James Fauntleroy.  Complete with the experimental sounds famously executed by Fauntleroy and his 1500 or Nothin’ crew, Outer Limits plays like a sonic journey through 80s R&B and beyond.  Groovy funk synths, introspective but universal lyrics and danceable melodies display the effortless connection between both songwriters.


Stooges Brass Band

Stooges Brass Band

I’m excited to announce our new Audio Gumbo weekly feature, Throw it in the Pot.  A strictly sonic version of the website, TiitP will showcase a blend of genres all over the indie scene.  Make sure you like Audio Gumbo on Facebook for updates on downloading the podcasts! The first episode is dedicated to the sounds and culture of New Orleans.  Since it’s Fat Tuesday, today just makes sense to drop this mix.  The music in New Orleans is rich in culture and soul–jazz and blues, brass bands, second line parades, bounce music–and it all derives from the retention of African tradition, music and fellowship found in the historical Congo Square.  The tracks on this episode are wide-ranging but all reflective of a city that’s booming in the spirit of good times.  The artists featured throughout are New Orleans natives and transplants, influencers and admirers.  Enjoy and leave feedback! (more…)



Other than less clothes, sun-kissed skin, patio dining and New Orleans style snoballs, DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK’s annual Summertime mix is the warm weather constant I look forward to most.  Summertime Vol. 5 will prove to be the soundtrack to your cookouts, your pool parties and your bones tournaments.  With Biz Markie on the intro and classic gems from Herbie Hancock, Zhane, Bell Biv Devoe, De La Soul and a long list of many more, your guests won’t want the party to stop.  Gon and download it here and thank me with an invite.  Or just save me a plate.  Stream the mixtape after the cut.


bosco mph

Sigh.  BOSCO is damn near perfection.  Her voice transports you to a place where funk and pop blend seamlessly.  Her new single “MPH” is cool, fresh and sexy, injected with a sassy tone.  Reminiscent of vintage 80s R&B, updated with an electronic vibe, BOSCO brings a newness to a familiar sound.  After dropping “Black Book” and “Slippin’,” the anticipation for her new project is gaining serious momentum outchea.  Play this in your ride and you’ll get so lost in the tune, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.  Download the track here + receive a lookbook, complete with high quality photography of BOSCO killin’ these Atlanta streets.


It’s been a while, but Solange Knowles has returned with a new jam, “Losing You.”  Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, the fierce fashionista frolics with her equally stylish cohorts, all while musing over a seemingly lost love.  The video and the song lyrics are quite contradictory (or maybe not).  The lyrics bemoan the struggles of a floundering relationship while the video is bright, playful, celebratory and perhaps, even mocking.  And the clothes!  Solange and company are styled, head to toe, in beautiful wares.  On filming “Losing You,” Solange tells Pitchfork:

When Melina [Matsoukas] and I decided to film ‘Losing You’ in South Africa, we really didn’t have a real firm concept in place. It was sort of a grab a camera and let’s go moment. I knew I wanted to capture a couple things: the vibe of our friendship and all of the crazy escapades we’ve gotten ourselves into all over the world, and the abstract and elegant Le Sape Society (Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance) formed in the Congo which was documented by Daniele Tamagni in his Gentleman of Bacongo book.  We called Daniele to guide us, and some of my friends from New York came down to Cape Town and we all had a very damn good time.

Get into the very dope video after the jump.  The track is out digitally and will be released on vinyl on Nov. 6.


There is something so refreshing about a singer that doesn’t take herself so seriously that she’s afraid to let loose and fully embody the concept of her music video.  Kimbra pulls off mentally unstable like nothing I’ve ever seen.  In her new video, “Come Into My Head,” Kimbra the patient is surrounded by pristine white walls and glowering stares from frightened nurses and a bewildered head doctor.  The song has a funky breakdown which is, in turn, accompanied by a manic dance breakdown from the New Zealand songstress.  If you haven’t picked up her album, Vows, it’s not too late.

From the Foreign Exchange camp comes North Carolina’s own Jeanne Jolly.  Produced by The Hot At Nights’ Chris Boerner, her new single “Sweet Love” is sultry and soulful.  The song, showcasing her beautiful range and songwriting talent, is laced with tender song lyrics of a romantic rendezvous.  Jolly recently joined the FE family in 2011, lending her vocals to The Foreign Exchange’s Dear Friends and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home.  Her debut full-length album, Angels, will be available on Oct. 2.

Every once in a while, I’ll be struck by a particular sound, a sound that moves my spirit as well as my body. This is exactly what Atlanta-based band Jack Preston & The Dojo have done with their debut LP In The Land Of Wanderers. Sonically enticing, Wanderers feels like a journey into a space of light and everlasting funk. And the instrumentation is just sick! Vocals, keys, guitars, horns, percussion, and strings, every sound is heartfelt, emitting the energy of an eclectic collective. On the track “Find A Way,” the vocalists combine their voices into almost a choral presentation, evoking the spirit of gospel and soul, backed by the fused instrumentation of rock and funk.

The Dojo describes Wanderers as “a melange of sound and genre coming together to dance upon the ear, stimulate the mind, and comfort the soul.” Agreed. The album is worthy of at least one, thorough listen. But please believe, once you’ve experienced the sound, one time won’t nearly be enough.

Check out the album and info on The Dojo’s album release celebration under the cut.


I’ve been rocking to this Pharrell-produced track for a few weeks now.  Malaysian artist Yuna has added visuals to her inspiring track “Live Your Life.”  The video follows the singer as she embraces the sights and sounds of the city of which her efforts and dreams have placed her.  I really dig the overall theme of this song–living life to its fullest potential, “we were meant for something bigger than this.”