Another Day Around the Way: Kebbi Williams & The Wolf Pack at 5 Points Marta Station

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Alternative, ATL Love, Body Rockin', Hear This, Jazz, Underground, Where You From
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shot x Jack Preston

shot x Jack Preston

Living in Atlanta, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.  Rarely do any around the way sightings shock me anymore.  I may be tickled, amused and highly entertained but truly surprised??  Those times are few and far between.  Until one Friday I saw a post on Facebook sharing the time and location of a “guerilla style” jam session.  “3pm. Kebbi Williams and the Wolf Pack.  5 Points Marta train station.”  Are you SERIOUS???

Now, if you’re not familiar with Kebbi Williams, don’t worry (yet).  I just got hip to him when I had a chance to experience his band’s electric performance at Funk Jazz Café a few months ago.  (It’s a crime how they killed that stage.)  But after bearing witness to the glory of live instrumentation, I just had to be in the place when they threw down at the train station.  Kebbi on the saxophone accompanied by his collective of wolves on trumpets, trombones, flutes, tubas, harmonicas, and drums: church.  When I tell you I caught the holy ghost in that space, it’s the gospel truth.  Totally electrifying.

I wish I could share the whole 30 minute experience with you.  It was that inspiring.  The energy in that train station was a sensation that is oftentimes a rarity in the midst of commuters: friendliness.  For 30 minutes we bonded under the commonality of good music.  We danced.  We laughed loudly at our own enjoyment.  We dapped up our neighbors during particularly moving notes.  Kebbi Williams and the Wolf Pack brought us out of our day-to-day monotony and wrapped us up in some lively, funky sounds.  We appreciated it, because we truly didn’t expect it.


Check out more footage on Audio Gumbo’s YouTube channel.

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