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shot x Jack Preston

shot x Jack Preston

Living in Atlanta, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.  Rarely do any around the way sightings shock me anymore.  I may be tickled, amused and highly entertained but truly surprised??  Those times are few and far between.  Until one Friday I saw a post on Facebook sharing the time and location of a “guerilla style” jam session.  “3pm. Kebbi Williams and the Wolf Pack.  5 Points Marta train station.”  Are you SERIOUS???

Now, if you’re not familiar with Kebbi Williams, don’t worry (yet).  I just got hip to him when I had a chance to experience his band’s electric performance at Funk Jazz Café a few months ago.  (It’s a crime how they killed that stage.)  But after bearing witness to the glory of live instrumentation, I just had to be in the place when they threw down at the train station.  Kebbi on the saxophone accompanied by his collective of wolves on trumpets, trombones, flutes, tubas, harmonicas, and drums: church.  When I tell you I caught the holy ghost in that space, it’s the gospel truth.  Totally electrifying.


There is most certainly a movement happening here in Atlanta: the continuous rise of indie hip hop.  Unfortunately, it’s rarely captured by the radio or the television.  But fear not.  Photographer/film maker/web designer W. Feagins, Jr. of High Impact Multimedia Designs shot an intimate look of Atlanta’s musical culture that many times goes unseen by mainstream eyes.  UNDEREXPOSED: Indie Hip Hop in Atlanta highlights the incredibly lively spirit of the underground hip hop movement.  With interviews featuring more than 40 people with ties to the indie community, Feagins shines a light of awareness and relevancy to what’s been going down in the cut for quite some time.  If you’re in Atlanta, this film should encourage you to spend time in venues such as 529, Apache Cafe, the Sound Table and other dope spots that showcase the undeniable talent tearing through ATL’s hip hop scene.

Visit UNDEREXPOSED on the web for more info.

The film is nominated for Creative Loafing’s 2012 ATL Short Cuts Viewer’s Choice.  Vote for the short here.  Voting ends on March 16th, so get on it!

Q-tip at Commonwealth Washington, D.C. in 2008.

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The idea of having an identity and a traceable history is a luxury that I have not been afforded.  I have met people who have traced their lineage to the continent of Africa through centuries.  To my own knowledge, the furthest my history goes are plantations in Southern Mississippi and sharecroppers in Lowndes County, Alabama.  Although I believe there is much more to my family timeline, I am, nonetheless, proud of the legacy that has been shared with me.

Watching someone as influential in hip hop as Q-Tip talk about the little knowledge he has about his own ancestry astonishes me.  This is a man who clearly expresses much pride and respect for the nations of Africa (word to the Zulu Nation) and surely has the resources to delve deeper into his lineage but only had an inclination of what his true past held.  Fortunately, he teamed up with African Ancestry and okayafrica to trace his roots and discover where all that musical talent originates from.

Oh, and check out the video of Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots tracing their roots as well.