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AmDex and DT of Clan Destined, part of ATL’s finest, are back with the long-awaited video from their last year LP release Self-Titled.  While the very fly Stacy Epps comes through with melodies and rhymes, the Clan D duo keep their cool under the pressures of everyday livin’.

“Scream” is the joint you play after a day where your boss has used your brain as a paperweight, the gridlocked rush hour traffic incurs a $25 late pickup fee at the baby’s daycare, the bill collectors are calling at dinner time and you just received a text telling you to come into work an hour earlier.  You know, the type of blue-collar bullshit we adhere to on a day-to-day basis.  But no worries.  Let Clan D tell it, “Just let it out and scream!”  Or, you know, you could just go all Office Space on shit (not entirely recommended, though).

Check it out below.