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I love being introduced to an artist who catches me completely off guard.  When I initially listened to Raury’s “God’s Whisper,” I was automatically drawn in by the first line, “I won’t compromise, I won’t live a life on my knees.”  The rest of the song continues to delve into the mind of a young man with an intense message, raging against the conforming machine.  At 17, Raury speaks with a wisdom that many would fail to accept coming from a teenager.

When they see a person like me, who doesn’t give a fuck, following through the school system, they look down upon me. They think I’m nothing. But they have something coming because I hear God’s whisper. That means, my intuition, my natural calling in life is what God’s whisper is. When I say, ‘I am the savior,’  I’m spreading that message to others. You have that whisper to you. You have your intuition. You have your own natural calling that you have to trust and follow. (via Billboard)