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There is something so refreshing about a singer that doesn’t take herself so seriously that she’s afraid to let loose and fully embody the concept of her music video.  Kimbra pulls off mentally unstable like nothing I’ve ever seen.  In her new video, “Come Into My Head,” Kimbra the patient is surrounded by pristine white walls and glowering stares from frightened nurses and a bewildered head doctor.  The song has a funky breakdown which is, in turn, accompanied by a manic dance breakdown from the New Zealand songstress.  If you haven’t picked up her album, Vows, it’s not too late.


Shame on me, but I just unearthed the gem that is New Zealand’s Kimbra.  I’ve seen her name floating around the innanets but never took the time to hit the play button on her.  Her voice is…wow.  It’s futile to try to place her in a certain genre box because she encompasses many sounds: soul, jazz, blues, funk, electro, pop.  The track below showcases her range nicely.