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Last week, I witnessed soul on ice.  Nicolay (producer and 1/2 of The Foreign Exchange) and jazz trio The Hot At Nights put on a phenomenally cool show at the Apache Cafe.  The four piece band, Chris Boerner on guitar, Matt Douglas on sax, Nick Baglio on drums and Nicolay on keyboard, kept the crowd moving and grooving the whole way through.  With their recent release, Shibuya Session EP, Nicolay and The Hot At Nights have been touring the east coast, mesmerizing the masses.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  It was such a pleasure watching and listening to artists that truly enjoy their craft.  The passion of the music was so authentic, you could feel it emanating through the room.  If you ever get a chance to check the collaboration out, don’t even think about hesitating.

Above, there’s footage of the band performing two track’s from The Foreign Exchange’s Authenticity, “Eyes to the Sky” and “All Roads.”

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