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the big payback amerigo gazaway


I honestly cannot get enough of Amerigo Gazaway.  He has consistently dropped exceptional projects, chiseling out a body of work that is undeniably his own.  His latest mashup comes from the “The Big Payback” tribute mix series, which featured “The 45’s” by DJ Scratch and “The Legacy of JB” by J.PeriodAmerigo Gazaway’s “J.B. and The Soul Mates” is a mean re-conceptualization of James Brown’s funkiness paired with artists who have felt the influence of The Godfather in some form.  Download it here and listen below.


Who doesn’t love a dope supergroup??  Especially when that supergroup consists of folks that have such a prominent presence in music in their own right.  Damon Albarn (lead vocalist for Gorillaz), Flea (bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Tony Allen (drummer and musical director for Fela Kuti) have combined their melodic awesomeness to create funk band Rocket Juice and The Moon.  Blending funk, Afrobeat and jazz, “Hey Shooter” results in a fast-moving, psychedelic journey.  And of course, Badu’s laidback soulfulness just adds light to the trippy tune.

Rocket Juice and The Moon are set to release their self-titled album Rocket Juice & Moon on March 27.