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To prepare you for the release of Dwele’s new album, Greater Than One, the good folks at BamaLoveSoul have shared their discovery of the soul singer’s UK mixtape Dark Side of the Mic.  Defiantly provocative, edgy and sensual, Dwele experiments with his sound and his lyrics in a surprisingly sexy way.  Peep the track “Isaac Highs” below.


Listen/download here: Dwele – Dark Side of the Mic

Dwele drops a new video to his single “What Profit.”  The song is definitely groovable; the video…not so much.  It’s pretty literal and to the point, which, I guess, isn’t a bad thing.  We all know the story well.  When a woman’s fed up, so on and so forth.  But hey, at least the song rocks and is saying something worthwhile:  Materials are fleeting; hold on to love.  Word.

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