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Dubstep and reggae collide in this Skrillex-produced, Damian Marley-laced track “Make It Bun Dem.”  Now, the song is dope enough, but this video is what really sets it off.  A neighborhood, being terrorized by unsympathetic city officials and money-hungry land developers, threatens to succumb to evictions.  A young man and his father fight to withstand the barrage of strong-arming cops, running into homes to put families on the street.  Invoking Native American traditions and rituals, the young man, with his father’s guidance, wards off the potential eviction from his home with a rain dance and a phoenix conjuration.  Check out the video.

Damian Marley and a love song? *swoon*  Whether he’s crooning or spitting, he always waxes poetic.  Anxiously anticipating his new album, reportedly dropping in September.  Y’all groove to this for a while.
(Yanked from Damian’s Soundcloud)