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New Orleans jazz great Dr. John returns with a hard-hitting bluesy, social commentary in the form of “Revolution.”  He’s paired with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach to create what will surely be a nicely crafted album, Locked Down.  Dr. John has long been a staple on the blues and jazz scene so I’m interested in what else Auerbach will be able to bring out of this collaboration.  Auerbach did tell Rolling Stone, “Like that Farfisa solo on ‘Revolution’ – that’s a first-take solo. He just goes for it, man. He told me he hadn’t played a Farfisa organ since 1969 when he was with Doug Sahm, and he killed it.”  Yeah, that organ is just sick as hell, man.

You can stream “Revolution” here.  You won’t regret it.  Album drops April 3rd.

Anybody that knows me, knows what a huge supporter I am of ATL’s own Outkast.  And if you don’t know…

Well, today, February 1, is the born day of 1/2 of the dynamic duo, Antwan Patton AKA the Son of Chico Dusty AKA Sir Luscious Leftfoot AKA Daddy Fat Sax AKA Francis the Savannah Chitlin’ Pimp but better known to most as Big Boi.  He and Andre have been instrumental in my love for hip hop, so it’s only right that Audio Gumbo show the man some homegrown love.

I found this dope ass mashup (“Afraid of the General” x Big Boi vs. The Black Keys from The Brothers of Chico Dusty) on Big’s Soundcloud, so you know it’s official.  Enjoy this shit!  Happy birthday, General Patton!