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Today, we were greeted with the incredibly sad news of the passing of Black media pioneer, Mr. Don Cornelius, creator of the prolific Soul Train.  Debuting in 1971, during an era where Black faces and Black music had little to no presence on the small screen, Don Cornelius and Soul Train brought self-love and self-awareness in the form of soul music to living rooms all across the country.  I remember hearing stories from my mother about how she could not wait until Saturday morning to join the Soul Train Line, clad in pajamas.

We thank you, Mr. Cornelius, for being brave enough to believe in your people’s abilities and talents and creating a platform for us to showcase all of our beauty.  Love, peace and sooooooul to Don Cornelius.

Check him out at the 2:47 & 4:47 marks working the Soul Train Line like only the originator can do.