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Tuesday night one of Atlanta’s hometown heroes blessed The Masquerade with his ghetto gospel.  Killer Mike shut shit down gloriously.  Appropriately so, the Into The Wild Tour kicked off in Atlanta and featured performances from Despot and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, as well as producer/rapper El-P.  But for me, that night was all about Mike Bigga; he made me “hip hop happy” (word to my dude blctxt for that one!) with his performance.  When I tell you this man has the energy of a cat 1/3 his size, you wouldn’t believe me until you witnessed him jump up over a speaker.  Mike performed most of his new album R.A.P. Music to a packed crowd, feeding off the frenzied energy like a hip hop zombie (too soon?).  He had suburban White kids chanting, “Fuck Reagan” and had way back supporters bouncing to “Kryptonite” like it was 2006.  And what’s “I’m On It” without Mr. Purple Ribbon himself?  Yep, Sir Lucious Leftfoot made an appearance that will surely be added to the Atlanta Hip Hop Archives.

Check out tour dates, video footage, and photos under the cut…


Anybody that knows me, knows what a huge supporter I am of ATL’s own Outkast.  And if you don’t know…

Well, today, February 1, is the born day of 1/2 of the dynamic duo, Antwan Patton AKA the Son of Chico Dusty AKA Sir Luscious Leftfoot AKA Daddy Fat Sax AKA Francis the Savannah Chitlin’ Pimp but better known to most as Big Boi.  He and Andre have been instrumental in my love for hip hop, so it’s only right that Audio Gumbo show the man some homegrown love.

I found this dope ass mashup (“Afraid of the General” x Big Boi vs. The Black Keys from The Brothers of Chico Dusty) on Big’s Soundcloud, so you know it’s official.  Enjoy this shit!  Happy birthday, General Patton!