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M.I.A. has enlisted one of the baddest female MCs Missy Elliott, along with one to watch Rye Rye, for one of three remixes to the very dope track “Bad Girls.”  Produced by Switch, this remix has more of a crazy club vibe to it as opposed to the clear Indian influences of the original.  I dig it though.  Missy kills, per usual.  Expect two more remixes to drop, one featuring Azealia Banks.  You can listen to the remix over at SoundCloud.

“Live fast, die young.  Bad girls do it well.”

This video right here?? Dopeness personified.  Not only are the lyrics hardhitting, the visuals are fast-moving and lively.  M.I.A. stays true to form, from the flashy clothes down to the “fuck you” attitude.  What makes this video (directed by Romain Gavras) even more badass are the possibly political undertones embedded in the plot.  Women doing doughnuts, toting rifles and standing on top of cars gliding on two wheels, all in protest of archaic Islamic gender laws?  Girl power, indeed.

The song (produced by Danja) comes from her mixtape Vicki Leekx .  M.I.A. is currently working on new music, with an album anticipated for a summer release.