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You can always count on Yamin Semali to bring freshness and innovation to his art.  His new video, for one of my favorite tracks off his project YAMIN, “Never Leave” is no exception to that freshness.  Directed by everybody’s favorite indie film creative W. Feagins Jr., the visuals for “Never Leave” play out as a fun, easygoing, reciprocal relationship between Yamin and his love, his MPC.  Yes, it’s an ode to his beat machine.  With the way this track flows and knocks, you can feel how much Yamin is feelin’ his MPC.  Check out the video below:


Cop that YAMIN as well!

AmDex and DT of Clan Destined, part of ATL’s finest, are back with the long-awaited video from their last year LP release Self-Titled.  While the very fly Stacy Epps comes through with melodies and rhymes, the Clan D duo keep their cool under the pressures of everyday livin’.

“Scream” is the joint you play after a day where your boss has used your brain as a paperweight, the gridlocked rush hour traffic incurs a $25 late pickup fee at the baby’s daycare, the bill collectors are calling at dinner time and you just received a text telling you to come into work an hour earlier.  You know, the type of blue-collar bullshit we adhere to on a day-to-day basis.  But no worries.  Let Clan D tell it, “Just let it out and scream!”  Or, you know, you could just go all Office Space on shit (not entirely recommended, though).

Check it out below.