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We the people have the power, we can shut the system out
Cut the strings and pull the curtains
Show’em we ain’t playin’ ‘round

This new joint comes from the homie blctxt contxt.  It dropped last week, but best believe that a message this real will always have relevance.  “Warning Signz,” produced by AWOL, is a call to action, a rally cry to inspire the masses to pay attention and act.  Absolutely relatable and necessary, blctxt delves into subjects that touch every facet of our lives: government involvement, propaganda, and plain old brainwashing via media infiltration.  The revolution is stirring.  Y’all feel that?


“Cooking Up” was the first track I heard from blctxt’s EP A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception back in October 2011, and I’ve been hooked on this track ever since.  Produced by Illastrate, the homie blctxt spits so much fire, it’s impossible not to feel this one.  My favorite line:

“I kicked the bass in the face, slit the wrists of the sample, harmonies are leaking everywhere/that’s just an example of what I’m able to do, when given time in the stu”


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