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One of my favorite tracks from Ritual Union.  The new video for “Crystalfilm” has a slight creep factor but it’s an interesting take nonetheless.

Little Dragon returns with the eccentric visuals for their track “Crystalfilm”, from their 2011 release Ritual Union. Directed by Daniel Wirtberg, the video conjures up an intense, visually provocative dream sequence. Little Dragon is good for keeping ish fresh and strangely innovative.  (via Jay Force)

Damian Marley and a love song? *swoon*  Whether he’s crooning or spitting, he always waxes poetic.  Anxiously anticipating his new album, reportedly dropping in September.  Y’all groove to this for a while.
(Yanked from Damian’s Soundcloud)

“Everybody wants to feel important and needed sometimes.  I guess I matter to somebody in my world.”

Truth, truth and more truth.  The intensely gifted “Golden Girl” Muhsinah was kind enough to share this new song with all, even those unfamiliar with her world and her words.  The result?  Deliberate beauty over a slowed down tempo.

You can unlock the download AND tweet about it all at once here.  Enjoy.

Shawty.  This shit is soooo nasty.  One of those tracks that belongs in your ride.  For real.  Your computer speakers won’t even truly do this track justice.

Everything about this joint knocks so hard.  As usual, Killer Mike does not disappoint.  He combines his monstrous, hard-hitting lyricism with El-P’s extraterrestrial bass to create just a piece of the eagerly awaited collaboration R.A.P. (Rebellious African People) Music (yes, the title is dope as fuck).  Mike enlisted kings of the South, Bun B and T.I., which gives this track crazy credibility.  Oh, and don’t sleep on that artwork, either–from fellow ATLien Fahamou.

R.A.P. (Rebellious African People) Music drops on May 15.  Pow muhfucka!

Download from iTunes

I’m still slightly numb to the passing of one of music’s most mellifluous voices.  Saturday night, Whitney Houston reportedly succumbed to unknown causes.  She was 48.

I remember the first time I saw the cover of Whitneyher big, voluminous, fly hair, that bright smile surrounded by 80s red lips, and that popped up shoulder, which I believe was a product of her popular shoulder bop.  I was in awe of her beauty.  Then my mama put the needle on the record and I became entranced by her bold voice. 

In the last 20+ years of her tumultuous life of fame, Whitney Houston endured the admiration, the idolatrous fandom, the very public scrutiny and the constant intrusion of her inner workings.  Through it all, her most avid supporters remained steadfast in their hopes of her full recovery.

Her voice and her spirit will continue to bring love and light to the millions who she has touched in her lifetime.  My thoughts go out to her family, especially her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, her mother, Ms. Cissy Houston, and her ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Rest in Power to one of the greatest voices the world has ever heard.

Big up to Ziggy Marley for his rendition of the classic tune by Bob Dylan, “Blowing in the Wind.”  Marley’s acoustic performance on The David Letterman show is so organic and raw.  Very heartfelt.  His version appears on the superstar-laden compilation Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan, a 4-CD album celebrating Amnesty International’s 50 year anniversary.

So y’all know D’Angelo’s back, right? How many of you got the opportunity to sit jam at one of his European shows? Oh. Lucky bastard. Well, I didn’t, so I’ve been recreating the concerts in my living room, thanks to this available download of his FULL concert in Paris. Yes, it’s the whole damn thang. Really. Peep the tracklisting:

01. Playa Playa
02. Feel Like Makin’ Love [Roberta Flack cover]
03. Ain’t That Easy [new song]
04. Devil’s Pie
05. Chicken Grease
06. The Line (intro) > The Root
07. The Charade [new song]
08. I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body) [Parliament cover]
09. Shit, Damn, Motherfucker (inc. bass & drum solo)
10. Solo medley: Brown Sugar (tease) > Jonz In My Bonz > Spanish Joint > Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine > Cruisin’ > Higher > One Mo’Gin > Untitled (How Does It Feel)
11. Another Life [new song]
12. Sugah Daddy [new song]
13. Space Oddity [David Bowie cover]
14. Brown Sugar

Big, big thanks to the folks over at Funk It for graciously sharing this gem with the Internets!

Here’s a lil’ something to whet your palate while you anxiously await for your download to complete.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” –Robert Nesta Marley

There are few entertainers that have influenced pop culture as intensely as Bob Marley. His sound has transcended race, gender, class, social experiences, language and numerous other classifications that, at times, create divisive systems of oppression. He sang messages of redemption, equality and peace, while spreading love amid guitar riffs and steel drums.

Bob Marley’s music will continue to move us rhythmically, politically and spiritually. Happy birthday!

In this interview, Marley discusses Rastafarianism, the superficial legalities of marijuana and his civil rights.

Just one of my favorite Marley tunes. Enjoy.

Today, we were greeted with the incredibly sad news of the passing of Black media pioneer, Mr. Don Cornelius, creator of the prolific Soul Train.  Debuting in 1971, during an era where Black faces and Black music had little to no presence on the small screen, Don Cornelius and Soul Train brought self-love and self-awareness in the form of soul music to living rooms all across the country.  I remember hearing stories from my mother about how she could not wait until Saturday morning to join the Soul Train Line, clad in pajamas.

We thank you, Mr. Cornelius, for being brave enough to believe in your people’s abilities and talents and creating a platform for us to showcase all of our beauty.  Love, peace and sooooooul to Don Cornelius.

Check him out at the 2:47 & 4:47 marks working the Soul Train Line like only the originator can do.