Music Event: Red Kotton’s Stay Tuned 6/4/2014

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Red Kotton is a relatively new, Atlanta-based independent music label and distribution entity.  They pride themselves on showcasing and cultivating only the freshest, unique talents.  Stay Tuned is Red Kotton’s answer to the mundane and the monotonous.  Originally set to be a monthly event, Stay Tuned is a platform for artists on the cusp of success to share new music, wow new fans, and show the hell out, which is exactly what happened on Wednesday night.  As host Anthony David proclaimed, there was not one wack ass song on the stage.  That ain’t no an exaggeration.

The show opened up with the band Red Kotton Revival, which includes Red Kotton’s own Head of A&R Brandon Thomas.  They played a rocked out version of Drake’s “Find Your Love,” setting the night up for the unexpected and newly imagined.

At the forefront of the Red Kotton roster is Ethiopian singer/songwriter/guitarist Marian Mereba.  For good reason too.  Her voice, lyrics and presence are enthralling, captivating listeners instantly.  Red Kotton’s Stay Tuned served as a platform to celebrate Mereba’s newly released single, “September,” from her upcoming LP Radio Flyer, which is a reggae-tinged tune about a woman renouncing her lover when her majesty begins to go unrecognized.  The stage was also shared by other independent talents Translee, JK Howells and ForteBowie (co-producer of Mereba’s new LP), all of whom proved to be the next big thangs poppin’.


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Stay Tuned will be a fixture in Atlanta for showcasing new artists and exceptional sounds.  Follow Red Kotton on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep an eye out on the next installment.


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