Music Event: A Night With Divinity Roxx 4.10.13

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Music Event, What's Happ'nin'
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divinity roxx listening event

It’s an unspoken truth that only the baddest rock with Beyoncé.  Love her or hate her, Beyoncé is a dynamo who, seemingly, only surrounds herself with performers of the same ilk.  So it’s absolutely no surprise that Atlanta’s own Divinity Roxx would be chosen to share the stage in the pop diva’s all-female band.  Bassist Divinity has shown up and showed out all over the world, mesmerizing audiences with funky basslines and crisps snaps.  She has served as the musical director for “The Beyoncé Experience” and “I Am…World” tours, which further solidifies Divinity’s talents, dedication and musicianship.

Now, don’t get it twisted.  Yes, she plays the bass for pop’s reigning queen, but Divinity is far from mainstream pop royalty.  Rebellious and unorthodox, her sound is what she describes as “Ghetto Rock.”  It’s a brew of funk’s fun-loving, organic flow, rock’s chords of revolution and nonconformism, and hip hop’s voice of dissension and movement.  It’s this dope mix of genre blending that set the bassist apart from those that put forth a concerted effort to stand out.  It’s who she is–authentic and uncompromising.

With the release of her EP, The Roxx Boxx Experience (available now), the incomparable Divinity Roxx will come home to the A to share her recent projects and provide an exclusive listen for admirers, old and new.  The listening party will take place on April 10th at AREA Atlanta.  Make sure you check out her website and then register for the listening event here!

On April 12th, Divinity will be rockin’ at Apache Cafe as a part of her Wake Up Tour.  Cop tickets here.

divinity roxx wake up tour

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