New Video: “Not Like Them” x Saigon feat. Styles P (dir. by Nicolas Heller)

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Hip Hop, New Video
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Saigon incorporates some very powerful images in his new video “Not Like Them,” the first drop from his sophomore album The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses.  Directed by Nicolas Heller, the video is a reverent salute to the Black Panther Party, featuring images from prominent BPP figures such as Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Cleaver and Stokely Carmichael.  Saigon, alongside Styles P, spits lyrical ammunition for those that want to see him falter: “Being I’m on my Black shit, they tryna silence me/But to do that shit, they’ll have to do it violently.”  Check out the video and the new album artwork under the cut.

The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses drops on Nov. 6, Election Day (message!).

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