New Video: “Alright Alright” x FUPM (Bobby Creekwater & Stat Quo)

Posted: January 30, 2012 in ATL Love, Hip Hop, New Video
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New ATL duo FUPM, comprised of Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo, dropped their new video “Alright, Alright.”  If you’re not aware of these two, shame on you!  Naw, if you don’t know, here’s your chance to step your shit up real quick.  Bobby Creek and Stat have both been on the hip hop scene for a minute, both are former Shady Records label mates and both can ride a beat like nobody’s business.  So it was only fitting that the two join forces and form FUPM (Fuck U, Pay Me).

Their new video, directed by Daniel Czernilofsky, is a laid back ride through the city with a nice lil’ cameo from Kendrick Lamar.

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