Niggas in Poorest

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Hear This, Hip Hop
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"Doctors say I'm the illest/I ain't got no insurance"

Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def is on some “stay woke” on this one.  While Jay and ‘Ye are boasting on passport stamps and Margiela, I appreciate Yasiin touching on blue-collar, 99% issues.  According to Soul Culture, this cut is off an upcoming mixtape Top 40 Underdog, where the emcee does his thing over top 40 hits.  One thing I can always say about Mos Yasiin, he’s consistent in his message.  Remain humble, “don’t get caught up in no throne,” and pay attention.


  1. […] insightful lyrics, the rapper single-handedly denounces the frivolousness of the one percent.  As much as I dig the words, I’m loving the visuals even […]

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