Tony Hightower


Today I’m going to the Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park for some free live instrumentation, sun and relaxation.  Out of the many acts scheduled today, I’m looking forward to one the most: Atlanta-bred Tony Hightower.  I’ve had his new album The New Standard on repeat since I attended his listening event a few weeks ago.  If you have some familiarity with Tony Hightower, you may recall his sound as soulful, energetic rhythm and blues.  Still soulful but more refined, Hightower has delved into the art form of standard jazz.  This latest project captures the spirit of some of the best elements of jazz standards and swing music: scatting ala Ella, swing and straight ahead sounds courtesy of the band thehc3, and serious crooning.  Hightower invokes the smoothness of Nat King Cole and the invariable cool of Sammy Davis Jr. from a simultaneously modern and nostalgic angle.  He wrote six out of the ten tracks featured on the album, which, at first listen, may be difficult to differentiate the standards from the contemporary.  No need, though.  The New Standard is a seamless interpretation of what jazz standards once were and what Hightower envisions its future to be.

One of my favorite tracks is “All Belongs to You.”  Written by Hightower, accompanied by the Good Times Brass Band, “All Belongs to You” is the culmination of a project that has quietly been nurtured and perfected then served with care to the masses.

Catch Tony Hightower tonight on the Local Stage at 6:30PM.  Oh, and if you tweet me @ohsowrite while you’re diggin’ what you hear, I may have a treat for you!





Audio Gumbo is a supporter and fan of The Remix on WRFG 89.3 FM, so it was an absolute honor to be asked to provide the soundtrack for the #BrittanyWhitneyTakeover segment from 12-2am.  Co-host Brittany brought me on to share some Audio Gumbo flava and feed her listeners some sonic goodness.  As always with AG, the goal is to expose, entertain and hip y’all to some dope, funky shit.  Listen to the exclusive playlist below and download the full episode of The Remix here!

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“if you really need some food, plant them seeds in the earth/plant them ideas and add action to give them birth.”

The hustlegrind is so real.  It ain’t easy, but Atlanta MC/producer Jack Preston affirms that “it’s okay.”  The newly released visual for his latest self-produced single from his upcoming album End Of The Future is a narrative dedicated to the working class, the every(wo)man.  Director Will Feagins Jr. of High Impact Multimedia captures the artist’s every day grind, following him through the streets of East Atlanta.  The message is crystal: We have dreams and lofty aspirations but we still got bills to pay.  We gotta eat but destinies must still be manifested.  Hit play on the video and download the track here.


*Copped from 2DBZ.


outer limits ep

Singer/songwriter India Shawn’s latest project, Outer Limits, is a collaborative piece with renowned producer/songwriter/singer James Fauntleroy.  Complete with the experimental sounds famously executed by Fauntleroy and his 1500 or Nothin’ crew, Outer Limits plays like a sonic journey through 80s R&B and beyond.  Groovy funk synths, introspective but universal lyrics and danceable melodies display the effortless connection between both songwriters.

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Every Friday someone asks me, “what’s happ’nin’ this weekend??”  This will be the place for you to find out.  If you have an event you’d like to submit to be featured, email me with the subject “Event Submission.”  I’ll feature it, along with other events happening within the same time frame. If it’s particularly dope, I’ll feature a more detailed write-up of your event.

(Right now, most events featured will be in Atlanta, since that’s my base.  I’m open to events country and world-wide though!)

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Stooges Brass Band

Stooges Brass Band

I’m excited to announce our new Audio Gumbo weekly feature, Throw it in the Pot.  A strictly sonic version of the website, TiitP will showcase a blend of genres all over the indie scene.  Make sure you like Audio Gumbo on Facebook for updates on downloading the podcasts! The first episode is dedicated to the sounds and culture of New Orleans.  Since it’s Fat Tuesday, today just makes sense to drop this mix.  The music in New Orleans is rich in culture and soul–jazz and blues, brass bands, second line parades, bounce music–and it all derives from the retention of African tradition, music and fellowship found in the historical Congo Square.  The tracks on this episode are wide-ranging but all reflective of a city that’s booming in the spirit of good times.  The artists featured throughout are New Orleans natives and transplants, influencers and admirers.  Enjoy and leave feedback! Read the rest of this entry »

huh what

Every once in a while, I’ve gotta go into hibernation.  Just get away from the noise, the saturation, the bad vibes.  A cleansing, of sorts.  I’m not quite over my respite but I had to resurface to share this with y’all.

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